Home is the haven where we expect to find the most comfort. This is where we can put down
the mask we have been wearing all day and leave the pretension at the main door. It should be
a comfortably cozy place where we feel we belong.
I believe a home tells a lot about a person and their likings. Some like it filled with plants to feel
closer to nature, some fill it up with the things they are obsessed with, and some just like the
open space. Sometimes decorating it becomes a real hassle where we lose the ideas. To get it
easier for you we have come up with a bunch of easy ideas on how you can decorate your

Figuring Out Your Own Style:

The first step towards having your own perfect space is to figure out the style you want to go
with. Remember that this piece of space will be a place where you find peace, so make it a
piece of your own mind.
The styles you have are transitional, a hybrid of traditional and modern styles that matches
every architectural structure. Modern, a style that is well-tailored and features clean lines.
Contemporary, most sparse and minimal style of all. And lastly, farm-house, fun, cozy comfort
with a touch of whimsy for your new home!


To work further and with more accuracy, you have to choose the furniture and designs according
to the measurements of your home. If you choose too big of a bed for a tiny room or maybe a
darker color for your tiny room, then it will make your room look tinier and not comforting at all.
Before you begin designing, measure the length and breadth of each room you wish to
decorate, as well as the ceiling height and any obstructions such as stairs, columns, radiators,
or other impediments. To prepare for window coverings, measure the window openings as well
as the wall space underneath, above, and to the sides of each one.


Once you are done with the measurements, it is time to move to the floorplanning.
Floorplanning may seem like a lot of work or very unnecessary, but in reality, it will help you
succeed in your plan by 90% and almost nothing can go wrong if you do it properly and stick
with it.
Now, professionals use apps to make floor plans, but you can use plain paper to make a plan
and make an outline of your rooms. The next step would be measuring furniture according to
that plan.

Budget Plan:

Once you decide on the furniture, color, and all the other stuff, it is time to make a budget for it.
If you are low on budget, it is best to take time to explore and find out what’s less costly for you.
You can maybe look at furniture thrift stores, DIY, and etc. On the other hand, if you do not have
any issues regarding the budget, you are also suggested to make a budget plan and work
according to it.
It is highly suggested to make a budget and make it in section, to make you more persistent on
what you are going to buy and so that it can help you stick to your plan more.

Go Room to Room:

Now that all the planning is done, it is time to get to work. Now, the wisest decision would be to
start off with one of your rooms. Do not start all the rooms together.
If you start working on all rooms altogether, the things you will face the most would be: it will
take a very long time to finish; you will struggle to live in your own house; the house will be too
messy; you may even have to sleep on the porch! So the best advice we can give you is that
you start working in one room and then move to another.

Copy the Pros:

When you are working by yourself, it would not hurt to copy how the professionals do it! Of
course, the professionals do it better, and there is no harm for us in following their work!
Explore new variations of wall paints, designs on books,magazines or maybe on online
platforms like, pinterest, houzz, instagram etc. Once you get what you want, study the details of
it. How it is done, its patterns, color scheme, what type of furniture or accessories are suitable or
trendy, and etc. Then the next step would be, go ahead.

Accessories to Add in Your Boring Room!

Window Coverings:
Curtains can make a very big difference in how your room will turn out. If you decorate
your room very well but choose a drape that is the exact opposite of it, then all your effort
is going down. According to hgtv, if you hang your curtains wide and high, it will open up
your tiny space and make it look larger. Do not forget to choose lighter-colored curtains
for tiny rooms. You can go with a combination of dark and light colors to pull them
together according to light.

Rugs, Rugs, and Rugs!
Rugs are a must if you want to add a pop of color to your home. When creating a place,
there are several rug kinds and styles to pick from, ranging from Persian rugs to Oriental
carpets. Solid carpets with little patterning are an alternative if you desire something
more modern or basic.

Less matchy match:
Whether you want to mix and match the colors of your walls and furnishings or just
create a colorful gallery wall, deciding on a color scheme and feel is vital before
attempting to blend a lot of random patterns or colors in one location.

Gallery wall:
Make your home look professionally designed by simply adding a gallery wall. This sleek
but modern concept has certainly taken over the design world. There are several options
for sourcing materials for your gallery wall, ranging from Etsy to antique stores. While a
classic and traditional aesthetic with old images and paintings is lovely, you may also
choose a more modern style with abstract art and realistic photography.

The Ceiling! :
Don’t forget about your ceilings when you decorate your space! Styling your ceiling is the
biggest gesture you can add to your house to make it look professionally done. You can
add wood frames, unique pendants, or even paint your ceiling with a pop of color instead
of plain white. It will change the entire look of your decoration and add more fun to it.
Otherwise, adding simple yet chic ceiling lamps would also bring the ceiling to light!

To Sum Up:

Decorating your house is not easy work, but it is also not as hard as it seems. Once you start
and plan all the way, it all comes together. Now that you know what to do to decorate your
house from scratch, get to work right away!