Create a cozy garden. Transforming your garden into more than just a visual spectacle for passersby is an art. Beyond creating a showy exterior, there lies the opportunity to craft a personal haven that beckons you to linger. Striking a balance between creating a garden that captivates onlookers and one that becomes your cherished retreat is the key. Discover the secrets to fashioning a cozy garden that not only earns admiration but also becomes your tranquil sanctuary, inviting you to savor moments in nature.

Seating and Eating

What do you do in your family room? You sit, watch TV, chat, play games, and snack. Your cozy garden should feature comfortable seating, outdoor cushions, and small tables to hold snacks like fruit or chips.

If you want to dedicate sufficient space, your cozy, private garden can feature an entire dining area for guests.

Water, Light, and Fire

All gardens need water to thrive, but a cozy garden benefits from a water feature that creates the soothing burbling or trickling sound of water. Think of placing a small fountain in your relaxing garden.

You’ll want to use your garden at all times of the day, so consider adding solar or string lights or lanterns to provide gentle lighting when you want to linger into the evening.

Many people have taken to adding firepits to their backyards. In a private garden, a fire feature adds warmth, both literally and figuratively. Keep your fire bowl small in your cozy garden. It’s not for a raucous bonfire party; it’s to give you a chance to stare quietly into the flame and think about…nothing!

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

The garden part of your private outdoor space needs structure to help define the space and make it as relaxing as possible. Use a combination of low-maintenance evergreens that won’t grow much over six or seven feet. Border your garden’s floor with flowering shrubs, spring bulbs, and long-lasting summer blooms.

Sun and Shade

Plants aren’t the only living things in the garden that need sun and shade. If your tree or trees haven’t grown enough to offer shade and privacy, create some of your own with an outdoor silhouette shade that creates a dappled effect. Use a small patio umbrella if necessary, and place your seating carefully to take advantage of whatever shade you have.

Garden Furniture

Outdoor Dining Table

Table Size: L60″ x W35″ x H28″, suitable for 6-8 people; 2.6″ diameter of umbrella hole in the center fits most umbrellas, which means you can protect your food and guests from the bright sun. Heavy-duty construction with a powder-coating finish resists rust and corrosion—a sturdy metal table designed in elegance. The thick metal frame is made of heavy-duty steel which ensures stability and durability; the Tabletop with a gap for water seepage.


Outdoor Chairs

Effortless care: handwoven PE Rattan is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Sturdy and durable: constructed from tough EPP powder-coated steel. The seat supports up to 260lb. Efficient assembly: some assembly is required, and all instructions, hardware, and tools included
Widely used: suitable for deck, garden, lawn, backyard, porch, balcony and restaurant

Outdoor Chairs_

Outdoor Lamp

Constructed with a sturdy metal frame and thickened glass panel, our outdoor wall sconce is waterproof and durable enough to withstand any weather changes, from sun to snow, rain to ice. The high-quality metal effectively prevents the wall light from rust or corrosion to keep its stylish look for years of usage. Finished with smooth clean lines in matte black, the exterior wall lamp gives a simple yet classy look. The porch fixture is equipped with a clear glass shade for added modern flair. It allows the fixture to emit bright lighting thus illuminating your house’s exterior.

Outdoor Lamp_

Create a cozy garden you’ll never want to leave is a labor of love, and getting it exactly right might take a few years. But building the garden and watching it grow and change is part of the fun and the relaxation a private garden space can bring.